Welcome to Software Defined Radio Solutions

Software Defined Radio Solutions offers a customized program of instruction that is tailored to your needs.
Regardless of your level of expertise, we can provide an appropriate course design. Our training is adapted to the
needs of your organization and personnel. We can accommodate participants who have a range of backgrounds
including software engineering/software development and RF hardware, communications, or computer engineering.
Our in-person introductory training typically includes hands-on exercises to reinforce SDR concepts and to demonstrate different approaches to SDR application development including the use of GNU Radio, REDHAWK (based on SCA), and the liquid-dsp library. We can also provide more specialized hands-on training focused on preparing your team to implement SDR applications using one or more of the above software packages.

Example topics for courses or course modules:

  • SDR overview: concepts and enabling technologies
  • Radio for software engineers and developers
  • Software engineering concepts for hardware and systems engineers
  • Linux basics for SDR
  • Python basics for SDR
  • C++ basics for SDR
  • Introduction to software-defined radio using GNU Radio
  • Developing GNU Radio applications: flow graphs and custom processing blocks
  • Introduction to the software communications architecture (SCA) using REDHAWK
  • Developing REDHAWK applications: waveforms and processing components
  • SDR implementation using liquid-dsp and C++
  • sing liquid-dsp in GNU Radio blocks
  • Using liquid-dsp in REDHAWK processing components
  • SDR PHY layer implementation
  • SDR MAC layer implementation

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